The following represents some of the more frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact Crafts by debbie if your questions have not been properly addressed per the following:

Q. You have categorized each craft by level, ie: easy, more difficult, and most difficult. How do these levels relate to the age of the children and their ability to complete the craft?

A. Some children excel at doing these crafts more so than others regardless of their age. However, as a general guideline:
Easy – normally the craft involves little or no scissor cutting. Children at the play school or kindergarten levels are able to complete these kits with little difficulty.

More Difficult – these crafts may involve some cutting and easy painting. Children of all ages enjoy constructing these crafts.

Most Difficult – these crafts may involve more detail cutting and painting. However, dependent upon the amount of assistance available, children of all ages will enjoy constructing these crafts a well.
Usually, all the crafts are constructed under some adult or teen supervision.

Q. Do seniors enjoy constructing these crafts?
A. Absolutely.

Q. If the craft calls for glue, can I use any type of glue?
A. Yes. However, your craft will become significantly easier to construct if you use a product similar to Elmers Craft Bond – Tacky Glue. A low temperature glue gun also works great. You can purchase some of these supplies from us if you wish (see my “supplies” page).

Q. Do any retail stores in Regina sell Children’s Crafts by debbie products?
A. Other than ordering directly from Crafts by debbie, – yes. They can be purchased at:

Helping Hands – Tools for Parents and Teachers
4055 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan